Upcoming Features: Municipal Tracking

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In the next few weeks, we will be unveiling a new feature: Municipal Tracking. We will offer bulletins (plain language updates) and links to municipal by-laws. Only Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver will include Topics (detailed guidance text) on municipal by-laws, other municipalities will only have updates. As such, municipalities are priced significantly lower than provinces: only 10$/month/municipality.

Some of the municipalities we will track include:

  1. Montréal
  2. Toronto
  3. Vancouver
  4. Abbotsford
  5. Baie D’urfé
  6. Calgary
  7. Charlebourg (Arrondissement)
  8. Charlottetown
  9. Cornwall
  10. Edmonton
  11. Gander
  12. Halifax
  13. Hamilton
  14. Laurentien (arrondissement)
  15. Longeuil-StHubert
  16. Mirabel 
  17. Moncton
  18. Ottawa
  19. Quebec City
  20. Regina
  21. Saskatoon
  22. St. John’s
  23. Valleyfield
  24. Winnipeg
  25. Lac Brome
  26. Mississauga