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Nimonik is happy to announce a new version of EHS & Quality Audit Tool for Android Phones and Tablets (v 1.9.0). This update includes: A number of performance improvements and bug fixes; Access Scheduled Audits and Inspections and start them online and offline; Access Corrective Actions that are issued to you and complete them from your […]

Nimonik is happy to announce version 1.8 of its Audit and Inspection tool for Android phones and tablets. This version offers a series of performance improvements as well as the ability to issue and manage multiple corrective actions.

Nimonik knows that pallet racks, although crucial to the logistics of your operations, are often overlooked at your facilities. A collapsing rack can not only kill staff, it can damage inventory, cause delays and reduce profitability, hence the importance of properly inspecting and maintaining your racks frequently. In this presentation, Rack Net-Works’ Principle Engineer and […]

Nimonik is happy to announce updated Audit Reports and Multiple Corrective Actions per Audit Item. Here are some details on what you can find on Multiple Corrective Actions per Audit Finding Users of NimonikApp and Nimonik iOS Audit tool can now issue and track up to four corrective actions per Audit Finding. This allows you […]

Catherine joined Nimonik as an assistant regulatory analyst. She is currently based in Montreal and has recently completed a Master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety. Prior, she completed a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science. Catherine is working with the Senior Regulatory Analyst and the Content Specialists to update audit checklists, research environmental regulations and policy in […]

Abhishek always prefers to tread the road less traveled, chooses to do things against the ordinary and leaves a trail of surprise or suspense in every activity he undertakes. This being said, he is a dedicated worker, passionate about the work and tasks that he does, while always trying to raise the bar higher in […]

Thomas is responsible for recommending EH&S compliance strategies to organizations around the world. Thomas works closely with our client-base, helping our partners to effectively implement and optimize Nimonik’s suite of compliance solutions. Thomas is a certified EH&S auditor and has two-decades of regulatory and corporate governance experience in oil & gas, power generation, mining, manufacturing, […]

Hanna is the Operations Manager at Nimonik. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management major in Human Resources and she is also currently completing an MBA in Human Resources Management. Hanna works directly with Nimonik’s CEO, as she is responsible for making sure that the operational systems and policies are in line with the […]

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there was a total of 2,953,500 nonfatal occupational injuries and illness cases reported in the U.S in 2014. These could have been avoided by the use of checklists to foresee potential problems. Moreover, as of August 2016, OSHA’s penalties have been adjusted which makes it more crucial than […]

Rack Inspection Checklists Explained from Jonathan Brun on Vimeo.   The following free checklists cover standards from the Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI), as well as the Canadian Standard Association (CSA). These will enable you to ensure that your storage racks comply in terms of assembly, beam, usage, basic integrity checks and first-time facility audit. Rack […]