Articles about quality, environmental and safety compliance issues.

Mobile auditing for environmental, health and safety and quality issues is only growing in popularity. Working with organizations in a variety of industries – from food manufacturing to oil and gas – we have a learned a great deal about what works and what doesn’t with mobile auditing. In the presentation below Nimonik’s CEO, Jonathan […]

Did you know that ISO 50001 Standard for energy management requires you to maintain a legal register, similar to ISO 14001? From Wikipedia: Check: An energy management system requires a process for compliance and valuation of energy-related regulations. Internal audit can help to verify that the energy management system is functioning properly and generating the […]

June is National Safety Month and Nimonik’s machine guarding checklists provide a simple way to improve safety in the workplace. Every year, an estimated 800 deaths, and 18,000 permanent injuries occur as a result of unsafe machinery practices. Avoid preventable injuries by using one or more of these checklists to review your machinery now: Machine […]

Nimonik was conceived to provide access and guidance on environmental laws. Though it has evolved since, our core driving purpose remains the same. We still believe that easier access and comprehension of regulatory and industry requirements allow organizations to reduce pollution, worker injuries and quality issues. Most regulations are born of disaster. Environmental spills, worker […]

CESQG. The derived-from rule. The K-list. The rebuttable presumption. Do you speak the language, or are you hastily removing the shrink wrap from your English-RCRA[1]/RCRA-English dictionary? The federal rules for hazardous waste generators in the United States have been in place for thirty-six years now. That’s long enough to develop a dialect and a culture […]

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (“the TPP”) is a free-trade agreement that proposes to liberalize trade and investment between 12 Pacific Rim countries. The rationale for most free-trade agreements is to allow different countries to exchange goods and services without or at a reduced tax, which, in the lexicon of trade, is known as a tariff.  Although […]

Who doesn’t have old computers, tablets and phones sitting around and waiting to be recycled? With an ever growing list of electronic products, disposing of them is becoming a major environmental issue. Some countries have legislated on this, WEEE in Europe being the most well known. Other parts of the world have proposed voluntary standards […]

We are pleased to announce an update to to help you conduct audits and inspections more efficiently. Merge Templates You can now select multiple Audit Templates and merge them into a single audit. Are you inspecting a Louisiana Facility? Merge Federal, State, Municipal and even Corporate and Industry requirements into a single audit protocol! […]

Last month, I attended the excellent Auditing Roundtable conference in Phoenix, Arizona. At the event, the lawyer Tim Wilkins from Bracewell gave a fascinating presentation of the legal complexities of the US EPA’s Next Generation compliance program. It should be noted that the program will focus on high impact industries with high risk for spills […]

Recently proposed Regulations under the Environmental Violations Administrative Monetary Penalties Act (“EVAMPA”) would add administrative monetary penalties to the toolkit for enforcing Canada’s flagship environmental law, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (“CEPA”). Maritime industry should be aware of potential new fines for environmental non-compliance, particularly regarding hazardous materials shipping, manifests, and disposal at sea. The proposed Environmental […]