Articles about quality, environmental and safety compliance issues.

Here are a few noteworthy global EHS regulatory changes from March 2020. We cover EHS legislation and standards for over 90 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track legislative changes for specific regions, countries or jurisdictions, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here and we […]

This is a list of select proposed EHS regulatory changes in the United States and Canada. We cover EHS legislation in over 100 countries and 200 jurisdictions. If you would like to track EHS legislation in specific regions, jurisdictions or countries, we are happy to help. Please send us a request for more information here […]

At Nimonik, we regularly remind our partners, customers and team that Regulations and standards exist to bring about behaviour that would not naturally occur. As we all know, humans are not robots – far from it – and getting compliance to a rule can be very, very challenging. In this time of pandemics, where the […]

This webinar discusses the path and the challenges to identifying your regulatory requirements in documents published by government, agencies and standards bodies. Watch this webinar to learn: Why regulations and compliance matters 4 Types of Regulations The various sources of regulatory obligations Consolidated vs. non-consolidated legislation When industry standards become obligatory The importance of agencies […]

Nimonik is thrilled to announce three new features to help you dig into laws, regulations, standards and other documents. With NimonikApp you can now: Search through the full text of regulations and other documents in the NimonikApp Library Compare previous versions of documents with red-line comparison Export a bulk list of all regulatory changes in […]

Nimonik hopes you are safe wherever you are. In this time of crisis, Nimonik is here to help you get through the crisis and ensure your operations are compliant with laws, regulations and best practices. Here are some resources we really found useful: On NimonikApp COVID Business Continuity Office Environment Checklist (from Irish Government) COVID […]

The source of COVID 19 is still unclear. There is however a chance that it emerged or was transmitted through Pangolins, which are on endangered species lists, played a role. If so, the illegal and non-compliant trade of Pangolins in China may have led to thousands of deaths and massive economic downturns. Ensuring compliance in […]

A key part of your compliance is processing large amounts of regulatory data. Everyday, governments publish new and changed documents – staying on top of all of this information can be a big challenge. With Nimonik you can now bulk process regulatory data! Watch a 4 minute video that demonstrates how quickly you can process regulatory […]

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