Quality, Safety and Environmental Audits and Inspections

Streamline EHS and Quality corporate auditing. Audit, report and issue action items faster than ever on mobile and Web.

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Inspect fast on iPad, iPhone, Android web and more.

A beautiful fully integrated inspection and audit solution with a dedicated Android and iPad and iPhone software. One stop to operational safety, environmental and quality compliance.

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  • image description Auditors observations, GPS locations, time stamps and responsibilities
  • image description Entire team synchronizes to secure server
  • image description Audit reports, complete log of activity, control user access and much more
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Issue action items and schedule audits

All audit actions are tracked. When someone conducts an audit, issues a corrective action or leaves a comment - you can see the date, time and location of the action. Create audit schedules, assign responsibilities and ensure all your team members are completing their tasks on time!

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Customized and ready to go audits

Audit your way. While Nimonik offers over 1500 ready to go free audit and inspection templates, you can also quickly create your own checklists and inspection forms. Want to conduct a full blown legal compliance audit? Nimonik has you covered with over 200 environmental, health and safety legal compliance audit protocols around the world.

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Audit and inspect with or without internet

Audit tools where and when you need them. With our Android and iPad and iPhone software you can easily conduct audits on the shop floor, at the gas well or back at the office - even without an internet connection. All of your data is securely synchronized to the website and to your colleagues’ machines, keeping your team audits on track and more efficient than ever.

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Assess effectiveness for every corrective action

After completing a corrective action issued from an Audit, you can easily issue a task to conduct an Effectiveness Assessment. This assessment will allow you to determine if the action taken after the audit solved the root cause of the finding or not, allowing you to ensure continuous improvement across your organization.

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Attach evidence to corrective action closure

Attach images, documents and other media files to explain what was done to close the corrective action. The files appear in the audit report along with the date, time, person and note that was left when closing this item.

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Report and benchmark

Understand your audit trends. As you use the website and iPad and Android to collect audit data, trends will emerge. Easily compare audits, locations or suppliers to see who is naughty and who is nice. Extract employee performance metrics, corrective action reports and much more. At anytime, pull everything out of our system for detailed benchmarking by your team.

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Issue beautiful reports

You can issue beautiful PDF, Word and Excel Reports directly from your iPad or Android device. At the tap of a button you can send an inspection report to your colleagues, clients and supervisor. Download a Sample Audit Report

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Integrate into your systems

With easy data export and the potential to directly connect our database to your systems, getting your team mobile has never been easier. Nimonik works with its clients to find simple solutions that leverage their existing IT infrastructure and allow them to use our state-of-the art technology. Contact us for details.

Data Security is a top priority at Nimonik.

Nimonik uses encrypted communication, strong password systems and regularly tests our systems for Penetration tests and other security measures. Our systems are used by numerous Fortune 500 companies, who rely on us to keep their data safe and secure. Nimonik is moving towards ISO 27001 in 2017.
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