Low Cost, High Quality EHS Compliance Audit Templates Now Available

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In partnership with Conformance Check, Nimonik is thrilled to offer over 150 new environmental, health and safety legal compliance audit templates, for Canada and the United States, for use in auditing your facilities on our website with EHS Audit, or on your iPad and iPhone with EHS Audit Mobile. These audit templates represent the best in the market and will help ensure your operations comply with applicable codes, laws, statutes and regulations.  So, act today to safeguard your business, and purchase an annual subscription for an EHS Compliance Audit Template, complete with semi-annual updates, for as little as $275 for single auditors!

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These highly detailed EHS Compliance Audit Templates are used extensively across the market by environmental consulting firms, large oil or chemical companies, manufacturers, and governmental departments. However, they are structured by groupings so, even if you are a small operation, you can tailor them easily to the sets of issues relevant to your site, whether they be Air Emissions, Hazardous Waste, or any other of the many compliance requirements they address.  In addition, the templates include full legislative references and additional background material on requirements for added guidance.

With EHS Audit Mobile you can easily download these EMS audit templates, conduct audits and generate rich reports right from your iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Up to date and easy to use, these affordable audit templates are an essential tool in your legal compliance toolkit.  To see a complete list of available templates and pricing, please see our post here.  To learn more about EHS Audit or EHS Audit Mobile, receive a free webinar or signup for a trial account, contact us at info@nimonik.ca today!

About Conformance Check

For over 19 years, Conformance Check’s very capable team of EHS specialists has developed and maintained an extensive offering of audit templates that are essentially “criteria packages” for EHS compliance.  Today, use of their audit templates is widely considered the most cost effective and efficient method of assessing compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations. To ensure template quality and consistency, Conformance Check has standardized and documented its development procedures.  To ensure accountability regarding template completeness, it provides the legislation and reference documents used to prepare audit templates in an available Criteria Catalogue.  And so that you are assured the audit content is consistent with current enactments and revisions to laws and regulations, it updates these templates constantly.  With these audit templates, you will spend less time struggling to mine regulatory data, and have more time to analyze results and focus on your business.

Click on “this link to view the catalogue of Conformance Check Criteria Packages” http:/conformancecheck.com/criteriacatalog.